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Offshore Audit Support

Our Offshore Audit Support helps auditors perform selected auditing tasks including audit planning, data cleansing, statistical audit sampling, test of details  and many other aspects related to auditing of financial statements.

Virtual CFO Services

Our Virtual CFO Services make it possible for SMEs to afford top tier professionals whenever and as much they need. Unlike traditional online freelance finance professionals we believe in finance business partnering to ensure sustainable growth of your business.

Cloud-Enabled Book-keeping

We deliver book-keeping services to our clients through cloud based applications. We transform book-keeping from a backward-looking function to a proactive one in order to deliver you intelligent business insights.

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    Capacity expansion is a key challenge for the professional services firms across the globe due to higher costs associated with hiring and retaining highly skilled professional accountants. This becomes even more challenging when you have domestic skill shortage. We offer you an opportunity to expand flexibly with specific skill set you need and whenever you need.


    Location independence has become a key factor in expansion and growth. Those businesses grow at exponential rate which are being monitored closely. We offer you real time insights into your businesses through use of technology of modern era. You need not physically present at your work place and still you control your business just through single click


    Time flexibility, time independence and time suitability are the fruits of cloud enabled automated technology. At OASIS we offer you these benefits through effective use of our IT resources 24/7. You just spend more time on core business activities and we make your business data readily available 24/7 at any time which suits you.