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Offshore Audit Support Services

Our Offshore Audit Support helps auditors perform selected auditing tasks including audit planning, data cleansing, statistical audit sampling, the test of details, and many other aspects related to auditing of financial statements.

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Virtual CFO Services

Our Virtual CFO Services make it possible for SMEs to afford top tier professionals whenever and as much they need. Unlike traditional online freelance finance professionals, we believe in finance business partnering to ensure the sustainable growth of your business.

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Cloud-Enabled Bookkeeping

We deliver book-keeping services to our clients through cloud based applications. We transform book-keeping from a backward-looking function to a proactive one in order to deliver you intelligent business insights.

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Valuation Services

We offer wide array of valuation services which include valuation of business, intangible assets, common and preferred stock and other securities, shareholding interests, employee stock option schemes (ESOSs), private debt instruments, options, warrants, and other derivative products.

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Actuarial Services

Our professional actuaries, analysts and accountants are well versed with the best actuarial practices and related disclosure requirements under IAS 19 of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in computing defined benefit and contribution plans.

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Internal Audit Services

Internal auditing is one of the core competencies of our firm. We have specialized resources with relevant experience, qualifications and skills various areas of internal auditing. We adopt a risk-based internal audit approach to help clients improve performance and operating efficiency, and highlight business risks.

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Full Range IFRS 9 Services

Solid expertise in building, validating and monitoring Expected Credit Losses (ECL) models as per requirements of IFRS 9 in line with your local regulatory requirements.

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