Full Range IFRS 9 Services

Full Range IFRS 9 Services

Solid expertise in building, validating and monitoring Expected Credit Losses (ECL) models as per requirements of IFRS 9 in line with your local regulatory requirements.

OASIS’s 360-degree knowledge base of the IFRS 9 accounting principles and extensive experience in implementation from scratch to working models across the Middle East makes it a trustworthy partner in implementing, validating and updating IFRS 9 framework across the organization.

Classification and Measurement

  • Review existing classification and measurement models
  • Develop and enhance classification models
  • Roll-out on automated tools

Impairment Provisioning

  • Review, enhance and re-design impairment provisioning models
  • Back-testing, validation and impact analysis as per regulatory and industry standards
  • Roll-out of automated tools like PD, LGD, EAD, IFRS 9 staging calculation and ECL impact

Extended IFRS 9 services

  • Improvement of Information Risk Metrics and Risk Reporting strategy
  • Develops and provides relevant / regular risk dashboards and risk reports to Board and Committee members, Management and external stakeholders (e.g. SAMA).
  • Updating Risk policies as per IFRS 9 requirements and industry best practices
  • Regulatory compliance testing to ensure 360 degree operational strength of IFRS 9

Why OASIS for IFRS 9

  • Tailored for finance houses, leasing companies and banks as per their requirements
  • Strong team of risk experts who has 5 years plus experience helping Banks and FIs in adopting best practices of IFRS 9
  • Implemented IFRS 9 at 10+ financial institutions across the Middle East

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